Festival für elektronische Künste

20.10 - 11.11.2017

GENERATE!° addresses contemporary tendencies of art that are based on the interdisciplinary use of electronic media or on the application of digital technologies. GENERATE!° is especially interested in the interrelations between art, research, and technology against its sociopolitical background. Particular attention is put on works that are dedicated to the reflection on generative processes of production, their conditions and their respective algorithmically controlled outputs.

GENERATE!° as a comprehensive programmatic title implies both the artistic-technical processes as well as the individual question about the possibilities to be creative. Thus, the festival intends to enable a creative and critical discourse regarding the aesthetical, sociopolitical, and economic conditions and effects that are caused by media and information technology of the 21st century. GENERATE!° seeks to explore and shape the ways and forms of aesthetic practice which promote and facilitate a critical and self-determined participation in these developments.

GENERATE!° Festival for Electronic Arts takes place for the third time in changing conditions, following the two festivals of the previous years and in the succession of the light and video arts festival series 2010-2014 as well as several previous media arts festivals.

The three main elements of the festival are an exhibition section, a series of workshops and lectures, as well as a performance program, spread over several locations in the city, each with its own focus.

GENERATE!° - Festival für elektronische Künste
20.10-11.11 2017

Venues are the FabLab (in the southern part near LTT), the Kulturhalle Tübingen, the Schlachthaus Club (next to the Shedhalle) and Raum3 of the Shedhalle.

  • Entire festival period: 20 October to 11 November 2017
  • Festival weekend / performance programme: 20 to 21 October 2017 (Schlachthaus Club)
  • Exhibitions: 20 October to 11 November 2017 (Kulturhalle Tübingen, Shedhalle Tübingen e.V.)
  • Workshops and lectures: 20 October to 11 November 2017 (FabLab Neckar-Alb e.V., Kulturhalle Tübingen, Shedhalle Tübingen e.V.)
  • Performance programme to the exhibitions: 26 October to 11 November 2017 (Kulturhalle Tübingen, Shedhalle Tübingen e.V., Kino Löwen Tübingen)

The short programme overview can be found online under the individual categories Exhibition, Performances, Video Works and Workshops. The detailed programme is published in the exhibition catalogue. The workshops Tickets an the catalog can be orderd now under Tickets.

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Shedhalle Tübingen has created a forum for contemporary arts located in the former slaughterhouse quarter. Since its foundation in 2001 it realizes exhibitions, artist residencies, art festivals, concerts, workshops and experimental events with the participation of regional, national, and international artists, and links these with the local art scene.

Since February 2016, the Shedhalle is used as a temporary home for refugees. This gives us the opportunity to find new alternating locations for exhibitions and events in town and the surrounding region. The new guests, as artists in residence, are included in current projects. At the end of June 2017 a partial re-move-in of our non-profit art association in the Shedhalle began. An overview of the current program can be found at


Emmelie Althaus (documentation) // Vanessa Braun (art mediator) // Hanna G. Diedrichs gen. Thormann (documentation)  // David Döppmann (editor) // Timo Dufner (FabLab, wokshop coordination)  // Torsten Geucke (technics, online) // Yasemin Gueltekin (art mediator) // Tabea Hecht (editor) // Justin Humm (technics) // Anna Husseini (editor)  // Barbara Kiolbassa (editor)  // Judith Müller (editorial magager)  // Anna Müller (Allgemeines) // Katharina Müller (Redaktion)  // Christian Palmizi (artistic and executive director)  // André Pfeiffer (public relations) // Christoph Schmitz (technical manager)  // Lukas Schmitz (layout and typesetting)  // Gregor Schulte (sen. technical advisor) // Kati Trinkner (editorial magager) // Ira Weihrauch (organization assistance)

Our thanks go to all volunteers, helpers, supporters and of course all participating artists!

Shedhalle Tübingen
Forum for Contemporary Arts
Schlachthausstraße 13
72074 Tübingen
Tel. +49 7071 1462 705
Mail. festival(at)


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Partner and Sponsor

GENERATE!° Festival

is made and performed in cooperation with our partner FabLab Neckar-Alb e.V., Loewe, Kulturhalle and our loca media partner Independent Radio Channel Wüste Welle.

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